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Kitchen assembly

A universal master

Assembling the kitchen at home may be required, if you buy a disassembled kitchen or if you transport it from another address. At first glance it may seem that the kitchen is just a set of furniture. This is not true! Modern kitchen headset is a compactly assembled storage and cooking tool that makes this process as comfortable as possible. The kitchen headset includes a sink with a mixer, a wall panel with led out for ease of connecting electric appliances with sockets, a cooking panel built into the countertop, above which the hood is located. An oven, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher are often embedded in the lower row of drawers.

After assembling the kitchen cabinet, it’s not necessary to call electricians and plumbers to connect embedded equipment. On the contrary, it is necessary to start preparing for the installation of a sink, mixer, and stove hood in advance. You will need to check the wire section, socket arrangement, plumbing pipe status and length. All this work can be done only by a professional kitchen assembler.

List of kitchen assemblies

Kitchen cupboards assembly

Regardless of configurations we will collect compact kitchens cupboards made of chipboards and luxurious corner kitchens made of solid wood.

During assembly and installation of kitchen cupboards, they are aligned with the floor level. If the adjustment range of the legs from the set is not enough, the specialist will warn you about a necessity to replace them. Our master can calculate the optimal location of the fasteners on site.

Sizing, pipe tie-in

As a rule, there are always many pipes running along the walls of the kitchen: gas, sewage, heating, water supply. All of them as well as protruding ventilation ducts and other engineering structures can interfere with the normal installation of cupboards. Don’t worry we will easily cut down, reduce the conflicting sides of furniture. It is even possible to cut the entire row of all cupboards to leave room for a pipe protruding along the wall.

Changing the size of cupboards in width and height is limited only by the size of facades. If the size of the module needs to be changed significantly (60 → 50), you will have to either make a special order for the facade or refuse to use it.

Output and connection of sockets and electric stove

For existing and planned sockets are made special holes. If the kitchen appliances connection points don’t match the previously occupied places, you can route the wiring from the existing outlet.

If necessary, we can completely transfer the wiring under the kitchen set for a more convenient and safe connection of devices. If the total power consumption doesn’t correspond to the capabilities of the wiring, we will warn you about the need of lying or replacing the cable to the electrical panel.

A stove or fryers may also be installed at any suitable location. The restriction can be the availability of access to the stove hood or ventilation channel.

Plumbing installation and connection in the kitchen

While installing the kitchen, you often have to install plumbing. But not always the existing configuration of pipes and hoses allows you to simply install a sink, washing machine or dishwasher. Regardless of pipe material they can be extended to the planned installation place. This applies to both water supply and sewage pipes. Both external laying of pipes and hidden with preliminary production of rods are relevant.

Restriction on the location of gas stove and columns

When choosing and installing a kitchen headset, you will have to focus on restrictions not only on the dimensions of the kitchen itself, but also on the location of gas equipment. See the gas device location restrictions in the documentation attached.  When planning the kitchen, take into account the required clearance between the gas column and upper cupboards, limitations on the length of the chimney and the material of the walls installation, the need for access to closing cranes, etc. The connection of all devices to the gas pipeline can only be carried out by the qualified specialist.

Installation of countertop, kitchen appliances

We have all the necessary equipment for working with countertops of various thicknesses and materials. You can build up, dock the countertop, round the outer or inner corner, and mount a decorative patch. A list of services that specialist can carry out

-Pushing the countertop canvas in width and depth

-Manufacture of propyls for pipes, hoses, etc.

– Fabrication of holes for mixers, filters, etc. in the countertop.

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